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Ammunition Systems and Subsystems Development

System and Subsystem Development Capabilities

Our company offers solutions for the development of new systems and subsystems for the defense and aerospace industry, performing detailed analysis of the existing systems in the examination and modernization processes, determination of test requirements for products and subsystems, test design and application.

We perform the design, verification and integration of subsystems such as warhead, fuze, and flight termination system and carries out everything from conceptual design to product for these systems.

Our company provides the following services to defense industry within the scope of development, integration and system engineering of Ignition Safety Unit for fuze and rocket motors:

  • Requirement Management: Determining the requirements of a fuze solution with high confidence and reliability for the ammunition system by considering together the ammunition system structure, international fuze and motor ignition safety unit standards, and reliability issues.
  • System Engineering: System engineering studies such as interface control, requirements management, failure mode analysis and verification of requirements during development and ammunition integration process of the fuze or motor ignition unit with defined requirements 
  • Integration: Engineering support to meet the interface requirements and validation of functional requirements during the integration of being developed or on the shelf fuze or motor ignition unit to the ammunition
  • Explosive Train Design and Energetic Material Selection: Explosive train design that can fire the warhead with high reliability and selection of components in this chain by considering warhead detonation requirements, ammunition level requirements, insensitive munition requirements and safety considerations
  • Test Consultancy: Determination of fuze and system-level tests and test requirements, preparation of detailed test plans, design of related test apparatus and execution of tests for verification of safety and functionality of a fuze or motor ignition unit

Our company has the capability of,

  • Determining the design elements necessary for rocket motors to meet insensitive munition requirements and applying them to the rocket motor,
  • Determining reaction levels of rocket motors against different threats such as fire, slow heating (cook-off), bullet impact, fragment impact by simulations.
  • Determining insensitive munition tests for rocket motor in accordance with system-level requirements, preparing detailed test plans, designing relevant test apparatus and executing tests

Our company is capable of carrying out all design, development and verification activities of warheads from conceptual design to system integration, from performance optimization analysis to detailed effectiveness analysis, form scaled pre-tests to full-scale qualification and verification tests. In this scope:

  • Fragmentation,
  • Concrete Penetrator,
  • Anti-Ship (Semi Armor Piercing),
  • Underwater / Torpedo,
  • Shaped Charge

warhead design, analysis and verification are performed.

Our company is able to perform effectiveness and damage analyses of warheads by using commercial software, different analytical and empirical analysis tools, formulations and calculations, and also conducts effectiveness and damage based optimization studies by integrating these calculations with optimization tools.

In addition to the design and development activities based on effectiveness and damage, our company is capable of Insensitive Munition design and analysis of warheads to ensure that they do not react severely when exposed to undesirable external influences such as fire / slow heating (cook-off) / bullet impact / fragment impact/ etc. In this context, in addition to the newly designed ammunition and warheads, design and improvement studies can be carried out in order to enable the existing systems to be insensitive munitions.

Our company offers solutions for the development of munition systems and subsystems, determination of test requirements, test design and application.

In this context, in addition to the services we provide regarding energetic subsystems such as warhead, fuze, motor ignition unit and flight termination system which are the main components of an ammunition system;

  • System-Level Crash Analysis
  • System-Level Insensitive Munition Analysis
  • Munition - Target Interaction Analysis
  • Investigation of Fuze Arming Conditions
  • System-Level Testing Consultancy

services are also offered.

Our company also applies its experience in terminal ballistics to the design, development and testing of land, air and sea platforms. In this context,

  • Examination of the protection levels of land, air and sea platforms against different ballistic threats,
  • Armor design and platform integration

activities are also within the capabilities of our company.